Site Survey and Planning

Are you interested in solar, but concerned about the cost and feasibility of the project?  We can help, whether you are interested in starting small, or trying to go completely off-grid.  Here are some things we do:

1.  Evaluate the home’s electrical system and calculate the largest array size possible without a major service panel replacement.

2.  Identify the most likely locations for solar arrays and the ability of the roof, or other supporting structure to accept the weight of the array.

3.  Create a strategic plan, multi-year if necessary, to maximize federal and utility rebates, as well as "net metering."

4.  Calculate the return on investment for the plan and evaluate the inflection points that impact the price equation.

In solar, there are numerous trade-offs, and it’s difficult to go completely off-grid without significant expense.  It’s possible, though, to have a system that makes a difference in your household carbon impact [and electric bill] and still has a reasonable return on investment.

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